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Our Initiatives

TGA Sports Foundation provides programs and scholarships nationwide through our local Chapters.  Through our Initiatives page, TGA Sports Foundation promotes and highlights certain national and local campaigns and programs.  Our Initiatives do not reflect all current TGA Sports Foundation programs.  To inquire about a program in your area not listed, please reach out to

Have Fun and Give Back with TravelPledge!

What is TravelPledge?

Generous business owners (vacation rental managers, golf courses, instructors, resorts, cruise lines) post fun experiences at attractive rates through TravelPledge AND they donate some or all of the proceeds of your purchase to help TGA Sports Foundation. Currently, there are $12,264,233 in great experiences that you can enjoy! For example, take your foursome out for a day of golf at a great rate (or give a golf lesson to a friend) and you’ll generate a donation of 80% of your purchase! Or take the family on a fun vacation or cruise and generate a donation of 40% of your purchase price. You’ve just discovered a new way to help TGA Sports Foundation!

How to Get Involved and Have Fun!

Simply visit TGA Sports Foundation’s personal TravelPledge site here: TGA Travel Pledge and choose the experience that calls your name!


Today, over 45% of children live in low income families. Parents struggling to provide the basics are unable to enroll children in sports programs.  TGA programs are often the first introduction children have to sports. Many of these children rarely have the opportunity to pick up a club or racquet let alone benefit from a structured program like TGA’s.   Your support through TravelPledge provides life changing experiences for under resoured children to participate in TGA sports programs.


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