Sports Change Lives

Can you imagine if you never had sports as an outlet or coaches to mentor you while growing up?

Correct Question - Soleado Today, over 45% of children live in low income families.  Parents struggling to provide the basics are unable to enroll children in sports programs. Due to this lack of access to sports, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are missing the opportunity to gain the key life skills and experiences that empower them to be physically healthy, academically enriched and personally fulfilled throughout life. 

Gift the same life changing experience you received through sports to a child. Join the TGA Sports Foundation in our 2017 goal to provide 30,000 children the opportunity to get into the game and off the sideline.

3774450236_6b5dedc881_oDonate one week of that Starbucks trip to change a life. 

Sponsor a child for $50 and give the same life changing experience you received through sports.

  No contribution is too small and makes an impact, all donations are appreciated.  Please consider joining our cause to change the life of a child.

Join our campaign by sharing your story!  During this ongoing event, we will be sharing stories from our TGA students, friends and families of how sports impacted your life.  Please share yours with our #SportsChangeLives Initative on Facebook

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