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Our Path for Success

TGA is the only organization to provide a Player Pathway model which introduces students to sports in after school enrichment programs and ultimately prepares them for competitive play through leagues. This transition based model allows students to achieve benchmarks, hone golf/tennis skills and grow personally and academically. Our youth sports player pathway aligns with American Development Model (ADM) principles which stress the importance of age-appropriate activities that emphasize motor and foundational skill development, multi-sport participation, as well as a progressively challenging atmosphere.

Why Play with TGA?


  • Our programs align with the American Development Model (ADM) created by the U.S. Olympic Committee to help individuals realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.


  • We use sports as a vehicle for teaching academic lessons. Students participate in interactive STEAM Labs that allow them to explore and relate concepts such as gravity, aerodynamics, and simple machines through the sports they are playing.


  • Playing sports helps develop communication and social skills and our coaches use teachable moments to promote sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership qualities.


Youth Sports Player Pathway

Enrichment Programs:

TGA brings our acclaimed enrichment programs to the places your children already spend time: schools, community centers, parks & recreation facilities, childcare centers, and more. Classes are before or after the school day and our station-based format keeps students engaged and active as they learn.

Physical Activity

Students are active throughout class participating in a dynamic warm-up, skill developments drills, and games or performances.


TGA provides all equipment making it easy for everyone to participate.

Station-Based Instruction

Students rotate through drills and activities that develop core skills and understanding of the sport rules and etiquette.


Students participate in interactive labs to explore academic concepts such as gravity, force, and spin through sports.

Life Lessons

Coaches promote important life lessons including sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.

Play Days:

TGA Play Days are an opportunity for developing athletes to experience social and competitive aspects of sports in a low-pressure setting. The emphasis is on fun and safety as players get a chance to put their skills and knowledge into play.

Play Days are the second point on our player pathway because they are a great next step for anyone who had participated in a TGA Enrichment Program or any young athlete who wants to continue developing their game through organized play.


TGA Premier Sports Camps o­ffer an unforgettable experience for your child by combining athletic skill development activities, academic lessons related to sports, and life lessons in perseverance, sportsmanship, and leadership. Our dedicated coaching sta­ff help campers advance their skills, knowledge, and passion for the sports while they build friendships and life-long memories.

Premier Camps – Focus on develop campers’ skills, knowledge, and passion in one specific sport through specialized instruction and play.

Premier Plus Camps – Allow campers to explore and play multiple sports within the same camp to develop their overall athletic abilities, understanding, and enjoyment of sports.

Sports Leagues:

TGA Premier Sports Leagues are the perfect opportunity for established and developing athletes to practice and play in a low-pressure setting that is local and convenient.

League opportunities vary by location so click below to browse available options or contact your local chapter director for more information.

Other Ways to Play with TGA

  • Private Lessons – perfect for young athletes looking to take their game to the next level through 1-on-1 coaching.
  • Youth Clinics – a great opportunity for players to get additional instruction and practice time in a group setting.
  • Family Sports Events – a chance for the whole family to get involved and play together.
  • Sports-Themed Parties – perfect for birthdays, graduation or any other celebratory event for the youth athlete in your life.