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Our Story


We know that when children engage in sports, they begin to build and nurture skills that allow them to strive to become our future leaders

We also know that many of these children lack the opportunity to immerse themselves in sports. A devastating combination of financial, time and personal constraints often leave these children with a limited opportunity to experience the ideas of communication, leadership, teamwork and self-confidence.

TGASF was founded for the sole purpose of minimizing those constraints, and giving a clearer path for children to become influencers for themselves, their communities and their future. Our minimization efforts include a distinctive program that uses a unique combination of academics and athletics, and an ease of accessibility approach. Our utilization of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) along with sports helps children create a connection between the physical and mental efforts of sports, and our “teach anywhere” style helps bring sport, its equipment and its lessons to the children.

This is an exciting time for our foundation. We look to ignite the minds of children, to get them to think beyond the physical benefits of participation. By cultivating curiosity through learning, we hope to inspire children to develop a thirst for knowledge and self improvement. Join us on this journey, and help to make sports change lives.

Physical Acvity

To champion health benefits by mastering movement and fundamental core motor skills through playing sport


To improve academic success by teaching skills through rules of the game, etiquitte and STEM related concepts.


To provide access and opportunities for all children. Through inclusion build bridges between ability, gender, race and underrepresented minorities in sport

Life Lessons

To help empower good choices and cultivate social skills. Achievements through team work and individual goals boost self-esteem and confidence


To bring together sponsors, friends and communities creating partnerships, to drive success in our vision